At a certain point it was made very clear to me that I was going to have to make my own performance company. I had been nudged in that direction for many years by my friends, family, and circus community, and so Prismagic was born.  Frank Brislawn and I founded Prismagic together with the vision of creating a portable container for a strange and beautiful environment. We started with our White Statues project, which we continue to perform for festivals and events, and we went on to create full feature circus shows. Our mission is to invite people into a part of their hearts where they can connect with their higher selves. We pride ourselves on catering to a more sensitive audience because we capture the emotional qualities of life. You can learn more about Prismagic on our website

River Woman

River Woman has become a very special routine to me. I had no idea when I created The Winter the effect we would have on the children in the audience. I designed the character to be this loving, unconditional, and ancient spirit. She loves the kitty even though he is just an innocent child to her. When the show was over I was so happy to see that all the children wanted to come say hello to me and give me hugs. Since then, I have received fan mail with drawings of the character. I was also sent an image of another girl dressed up as 'a real live super hero', River Woman,  in a costume she had designed herself. Wow!