I have always been incredibly sensitive and I come from a long line of women with psychic ability. I can sense the energy of people, animals, objects and varying degrees of other dimensions around us. Currently I am enrolled in the Blue Iris Mystery School where I am learning to hone my abilities.

As a psychic, I like to begin readings by listening to your situation, helping you decide if psychic guidance is right for you, and then helping you find the right question. Once I have a clear and vivid connection with your story I am quick with my responses, but you will never feel rushed. I usually use Tarot as my go to tool, but I am also a skilled medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and a prophetic dreamer.  The information that comes to me is out of context, so it is not unusual for the information to seem confusing. I often receive calls from clients later down the road telling me how the events unfolded and  how the puzzle pieces began to make sense. Because my gift is just my way of life, I don't feel strong ties to a "woo woo" approach; I use a compassionate/conversational style which my friends and family jokingly refer to as "gangster tarot". 

My first experiences working as a psychic began at age 7, when I decided to set up shop on the side of the path at various summer festivals in Oregon. I read tarot and palms of passersby for a dollar. Today I work for various companies including Psychic ElementsPrismagic, and Events Unlimited as a tarot reader. 



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